Love Notes

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A Graphic Affair

I’ve really lucked out with how cool and kind my fans are. Not to brag, but seriously, you guys are the best.

Throughout my 8 years in sex work, you have lifted me up not only in this industry, but in my life with your support and care. You’ve also descended with me down, down, down to a new underworld of perversions with so many vids for us to delight in.

I can’t wait for all the new journeys we’ll take together, all the many vids and deliciously devilish pleasures we’ll pursue. You’re my dream team and I’m so proud of how we’ve come and so excited for what the world will bring us next!

Dream big with me, as only the Little Puck Pack can.

I love you.


Hall of Fame


It takes lots of time and earned trust to become a Good Boy or Top Dog in the Little Puck Pack.

These guys have not only been in my corner for years, but have continually supported me not only with votes, reviews, likes, comments, follows, and subscriptions on my many vids, but with thoughtful, caring attitudes, remarkable gestures of love and respect, and generous financial contributions to keep me in the game pumping out many vids with a happy heart.

Want to see your name in lights?

Yeah? Learn more hereFor reals, I didn’t choose my A-team lightly. We play hard.


Shout out to...<br> Lyon: Mystery Meat Winner Abraham: Cum Creative Winner EnterMe: Bullseye Winner Obadboy Craftysharktooth DCS777 Volts Aric07 Nsfster Paforget

Fan Art

You all inspire me so much.
Thank you for drawing me and making me feel so loved! And special thanks to all the comissioned creators here who’ve captured me so well.

Submit your original fan art below and I’ll add it to the wall! 



“Honestly no one can do this like Puck; her uniqueness shines with each custom.”


“Puck in my opinion is simply the best. Jordan/Tom Brady level hentai cosplay goddess.”


“The quality absolutely elevates her work beyond mere porn to genuine ART.”


Little Puck is the ideal stepmom or girlfriend you jizz about in high school for days. Her videos are your dirty fantasy come to life. God I love this woman” 


It’s a pure erotic joy to watch Puck pull off these high art avant garde hentai themed cosplay videos. Thank you Puck for making my naughty, “wishing upon a star” dreams come true.”


The custom and personal videos I’ve received from Puck are simply the best! She has a special way to reach into my mind & give me exactly what I was looking for.”

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