You know I scare you a little, but you just can’t look away.

My dirty movies are my little monsters with big, gaping holes to fill ass to mouth, and buckets of cum to spill. I want you to be aroused by my creations as much as I am when making them. Isn’t it deliciously creepy how easily you can get off to the Queen of the Freaks?

Behold, my favorite Creature Features, and the cream of the crop you chose for the top!

Creature Feature

The many strange and succubic transformations I’ve undertaken have unlocked some very hot and horrifying desires within me. Erotic horror has grown into my favorite film genre to work on with my fans and I treasure the taboo worlds we create together.

When you let me loose, like ass to mouth, it’s a warm, slippery slide down to the depths of our depravity.

I welcome you into the dark with me.


Video by IG: @freshfruit4rottenkdz

The Ring

Video by IG: @freshfruit4rottenkdz

Custom Clips

My favorite fantasies are the ones that come from you and me. You give me the spirit of an idea and I add the flesh and bones of it. Together, we can create some marvelously perverted porn.

Because I put so much hard work in behind the scenes, my custom clips take longer than most. I take my craft seriously and when given something juicy to work with I want to squeeze all the nasty porny pulp I can from it. I’ll do everything I can to make our sleazy dreams come to life—especially ass to mouth!

If you’re committed to allowing me the time and space to explore my art freely, I promise you will be rewarded. My fans say the same

Hall of Puckin' Fame

The Mighty Puck Pack has spoken. These are the two best-selling cosplay porn videos I’ve ever made!

Check out more cosplay here and Marvel at my Moo-jesty.

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Pucks Fly Together!

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