What the Cluck?!

What the Cluck?! I’m Co-Hosting the 2024 XBIZ Creator Awards in Miami with Siri Dahl!

I’m Co-Hosting the 2024 XBIZ Creator Awards in Miami with Siri Dahl!

Grab your socks and drop your cocks, bitches―we’re going to Miami! ⛱️

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That’s right, Mommy has been tapped to co-host the XBiz Creator Awards this May alongside fellow baddie Siri Dahl. I’m trying to be cool about it but HOLY SHIT THIS IS SO CRAZY!!!

What a year it’s been… From filming my mainstream debut to tackling my most ambitious cosplay project to date, being chosen to co-host alongside an icon and friend is truly the icing on this very sexy cake that is my life.

XBiz Miami runs from May 13 to 15 with the awards on the final night. I could not be happier to share duties with a legend like Siri―what a pro! An award-winning performer who has been killing it for over a decade now, Siri delivered last year’s keynote address to a rapt audience of her peers. The former powerlifter and brand ambassador is an outspoken advocate for our community and one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met.


Check out the nice things she said about me! (Via XBiz)

“I’m so thrilled to host this year’s XBIZ Creator Awards with one of my favorite people, the wickedly talented Little Puck. Hosting an awards show has been on my list of career goals for a while, so I’m beyond excited that my first opportunity will be at such an impactful event!”


Aw, thanks babe! And seriously, to co-host such an important event for an industry brimming with so much talent… Well, it’s an honor and responsibility I do not take lightly. Watch out, because Pandora’s Box has been flung wide open―Siri and I are going to rock you like a hurricane!

For event information, visit XBIZMiami.com or just stay glued to my socials.

Thank You Little Puck Pack!

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