LiTTLE PUCK is currently self-managed and available for media inquiries.

Puck enjoys appearing on video interviews and podcasts, contributing to articles, and speaking on industry panels.

They advocate for the decriminalization of sex work and defunding of police within an anti-capitalist framework.


So far, I’ve been recognized for my dirty talk porn with the following articles:


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Engorge on this insightful interview about my creative erotic horror porn! MV Visionary has the latest.


I’m a model citizen! Daddy Pornhub says so. Discover why I’m such a good girl.

Hush Hush

Pay attention and you could sponsor your very own exclusive cosplay with me! Hush Hush spills the beans.

Podcasts & Appearances

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Dark Entries: A Very Depraved Heavy Kink/Fetish Film Festival 

Sasha Raee’s Podcast “Chaotic Madness”
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YNOT Cammunity
Featured Panelist 2022

YNOT Summit
Why Some Clips Sell Better Than Others
Connecting with Fans Through Cosplay, Video Games & Pop Culture
Cosplay 101 Panel
YNOT SUMMIT – Building a Loyal Fanbase

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Episode 266: LiTTLE PUCK

Naked News
The Schmooze: Interview with Marina Valmont
(teaser here)

Things I Believe

Housing and healthcare are human rights.

Pineapple on pizza is supreme. Eating ass is divine. 

I got some big fake naturals.

(You’ll see them in my dirty talk porn.)

Trans women are Women. Lift Up BIPOC creators. 

Decriminalize sex work & drug use now.

We need to meet climate change with a big, brave overhaul & seismic, systemic shift.

Black Lives Matter. Defund the Police.

Sex Work is Work.

We can do better.

Did these statements make you wanna kiss me or miss me?

I’d be happy to speak on any of these things further on your podcast, in your article, or on your next webisode.

Let’s get down and dirty.

MV Visionary: LiTTLE PUCK

What inspired you to make THE RiNG | HELL TO PLAY?

A longtime fan requested a custom clip that featured “a cold, drowned, passionate princess…look like the girl from the ring…you are a girl from the Undead who needs human warmth or else.”

So I took that inspiration and ran with it. Immediately, I envisioned a cross between the character Ophelia (from Hamlet), devastated & drowning at the riverbank surrounded by gorgeous spring flowers, paired with Samara’s messy, unkempt visage and creepy movements in The Ring.

Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

My fans are dope af. They push me to try new things, give me space when I need it, and support me emotionally and financially through it all. I’ve been in this industry for six years and I can tell I’ve really lucked out on how cool my fans are.

Thank you for this wild ride, may it never end!